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Assisted stretching to help you recover and regain flexibility and balance.

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How It Works

Simple Online Booking

Just choose a day and time you’d like a stretch session, tell us your location and click”book”

In-Home Convenience

Stretch pros will arrive at your location with a stretch table to provide a 60-minute assisted stretching session.

Stretch Pros

Certified personal trainers provide customized hands-on stretching sessions after an initial assessment.

What to Expect

All Stretch sessions are clothed and are 60 minutes in length. They include:

  • An initial warmup and assessment
  • A hands-on portion during which the stretch pro moves you through a customized series of stretches while you are lying or seated
  • A “takeaway” stretch that the stretch pro shows you to be able to do on your own
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Benefits of Stretching

Increase Range of Motion and Flexibility

Maximize your workouts by being able to exercise in the full range of motion for your muscles and joints. Improve your performance in athletic pursuits and daily life.

Improve Posture

Poor posture leads to nagging aches and pains, ultimately leading to injury, muscle imbalance, and degenerative joint disease.

Reduce Injury Potential

Recruit proper muscles for your physical activities and don’t overcompensate. Minimize wear and tear on joints because you are loading joints properly and evenly.

Improve Circulation

Bring needed nutrients to muscles and remove waste products. Blood flow to the brain is increased, improving mental performance.

Why Assisted Stretching is Effective

Stretching is an excellent practice for self-care and recovery, whether done on your own or assisted. Assisted stretching has many benefits that differentiate it from stretching alone.

Assisted stretching providers

  • Help identify areas of your body that you may not have realized are constricted
  • Guide your movements with proper and safe techniques
  • Enable you to stretch muscles that are difficult to stretch on your own
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Personal Training

Unlock your full potential with illMade's Personal Training services, led by our expert trainer, Sean Andre. Tailored to fit your unique fitness goals and lifestyle, our personal training program is designed to inspire personal growth, strength, and self-awareness. Whether you're just beginning your wellness journey or looking to elevate your fitness regimen, Sean's personalized approach ensures that every workout is effective, motivating, and aligned with your aspirations.

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